Photography is an art and an important means of passing a message across. One by infinity is a photography and cinematography company that offers professional photo and video services. They understand the importance of keeping precious memories by capturing them in pictures and videos.

One by Infinity Photography

At, One By Infinity, we offer a wide variety of photography services. We cater for private or family needs like portrait pictures, family pictures, wedding pictures, pre-wedding or engagement pictures. For other gatherings like holiday, thanksgiving and many more, you can count on us regarding the photo coverage.

Besides family shoots, we also cover corporate events like training, workshops, conferences and seminars. If you want a portrait for the purpose of advertisements or decorations, all you need to do is contact us. We also conduct nature shoots or documentary pictures if you want to conduct research.

All photos will be capture by the latest cameras in the industry, in this case the Nikon D850 camera.

One by Infinity Cinematography

video shoot

Just like pictures, videos are also great means of saving precious memories. Videos are actually an upgrade of pictures. They tend to capture much more details during an event. Like we stated earlier, One By Infinity also offers video or cinematography services. Below are the details of such services.

We help cover your various family gatherings and ceremonies. We also provide video services for formal events like seminars, conferences, training and so on. Video documentary is just one of the many services we provide our clients.

You should know that our video and photo services are not exactly separate. One By Infinity offers both services to its clients. Most clients usually opt for both services anyways.

One By Infinity’s Blog

Business is not all about making profits. A good enterprise must always consider its customers or prospects first. Even top businessmen engage in one form of philanthropy or the other. At One By Infinity, we also provide certain services that are without charges. We provide you with information.

Information is power and One By Infinity ensures to empower web users who have interests in photography or cinematography. The “blog” section of our website provides you with necessary information that relates to photography or cinematography.

Some of our blog topics include “how to select the best camera to suit your needs,” “how to use the right props when taking a shoot,” etc. Our blog also serves as the photo book of our website. You can find the various jobs we have provided for our clients here.

One By Infinity will Take Photos of NZ Online Casino Staff Members for their New Profile Tags

one by infinity photographer

Partnerships are good ways for companies to grow while working together. This will benefit both partners more if they operate in different industries or niches. It will help promote both companies. For this purpose, One By Infinity will be partnering with the New Zealand online casino.

The partnership will go on as such. One By Infinity will take photos of the staff members of the New Zealand online casino and they will be featured on the online casino news site so keep an eye on their website for upcoming updates if you would like to get to know them. The staff members will use the photos taken for their new profile tags. These photos will also appear on the website of One By Infinity. Consequently, the photography company will be listed as an official partner of this online casino in New Zealand.