We have to understand all types of gambling and betting is declared illegal through United Arab Emirates. One cannot even place advertisements and postings related to sports betting and gambling in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  

For Muslims, getting engaged in all types of gambling and betting is considered haram in the religion of Islam. For Non-Muslims, who are either expats or tourists living in Dubai, they are given reprieve and can bet on their sports like cricket without getting penalized by the laws stated in the UAE. Thanks to that a real economy of cricket match prediction exist. There is one condition – that cricket punters who are foreigners must place their bets on reputed websites and bookmakers. 

The reasons behind illegality of cricket betting in Dubai

UAE has made laws and regulations in accordance with what has been prescribed in the Holy Quran. Cricket Betting or any type of betting is not considered for Muslims in cities like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. This due to the country not permitting to openly get involved in the gambling as it considered unlawful in Islam. The concept of earning money through luck or speculation is considered unlawful in the religion of Islam. 

Cricket Betting in Dubai

With the inception of Pakistan Super League and T-10 League, cricket betting has been on the rise in the cities like Dubai. Majority of the cricket punters that reside in Dubai are expats or foreigners who want to place their bets on their favorite teams and players. International Cricket Council (ICC) has setup an Anti-Corruption Unit that keeps a strict eye on all the players and officials playing in these T20 Leagues. 

In the second edition of Pakistan Super League played in the UAE, Sharjeel Ahmed and Khalid Latif, who were playing for Islamabad United, were found guilty of spot fixing and having links with bookies. Both cricketers were suspended from all forms of cricket.